Rio Muchacho




Name of the project: Work and learn on an organic farm, pioneering permaculture and alternative agriculture techniques, and renewable energy sources. Assist in education projects in surrounding communities.


Location: Rio Muchacho Organic Farm, 30 minutes from Canoa, costal region in the Manabí province



Not Included


Project Description: Rio Muchacho Organic Farm is situated in the river valley of the same name on the mid coast of Ecuador just north of Bahía de Caráquez. Río Muchacho plays an important role demonstrating and teaching alternative agricultural techniques and energy sources like biogas, solar power, composting systems, worm culture, water recycling, reforestation and forage systems, permaculture, and general organic farming techniques. The farm now receives many community and student groups who come to learn about these alternatives.

Tourism and eco-education are other aspects of the farm. Visitors to the farm can relax, take in the local natural attractions and learn about sustainable agriculture and living practices. The farm also operates an environmental school for children in the area, providing comprehensive general education along with eco-logical and sustainable agriculture programs.


Range of volunteer tasks: Volunteers at Río Muchacho participate in general activities, related to agriculture, education and tourism, and have as similar timetable as the family and other workers on the farm.


Some of the activities include:

• nursery work, sowing seeds, filling bags, pricking out.

• reforestation work, planting, weeding, mulching, staking, pruning.

• creation and maintenance of vegetable gardens, and planting, harvesting crops.

• compost making.

• work in the environmental school maintenance or giving classes English, art, sport

• help in the preparation of food ( especially if you are interested in typical food)

• simple construction and painting

• artwork, translating, preparation of info  and materials for the school

• preparation for groups of visitors (  groups of farmers  from different parts of the country sometimes stay over night)

• help in feeding and caring for the animals or feeding worms


Minimum amount of time: One month.


Minimum level of Spanish required: Basic to intermediate



• Transportation from the airport of Quito

• Introductory tour

• Welcome dinner

• 20 hours of Spanish lessons

• Transportation to the project after class

• Transportation back to Cusco

• Accommodation in a shared apartment (Family house with bedroom, it is possible to have three meals a day for a fee of 30 euros / week during the course).

• Accommodation in a carefully selected bedroom

• Salsa lessons, cooking lessons, games during the Spanish lessons (once a week)

• Games during the language course

• Teaching materials for the course

• Support / contact person in the project

• Emergency number of the local teams are available 24 hours to 24 hours

• The support of our local staff

• A T-shirt from our organization

• The support of our coordinators of our, in advance experimented, programs during and after your trip

• Certificate of your participation in the project

• Certificate of your Spanish course

• A ride on horseback or rafting

• Administration costs

• School activities every weekend (extra charge)






• National and international flights

• Travel insurance

• Vaccinations

• Personal expenses for leisure

• Tickets to tourist sites







4 weeks

(Incl. spanish lessons one week)


8 weeks

(Incl. spanish lessons four weeks)


Extra week Spanish lessons

Extra week accommodation

  USD 1,019

  USD 1,439

  USD 229

  USD 190




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Mobile: 0044.915.256.197.517

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