ECUADOR LOCATION: Studying Spanish while volunteering in Quito, Ecuador is a guaranteed memorable experience. Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is located in the Andes Mountains below the snowy volcano Cotopaxi, at 2,800 meters above sea level. However, despite the altitude, it has a mild, spring climate throughout the year.


In 1978, Quito was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO due to its expertly preserved South American history. The old town has been carefully restored and has a wealth of classic colonial architecture and beautiful churches, museums and other cultural treasures. The traditional Quechua culture along with the fifteen other indigenous cultural groups continue to leave a pronounced mark on Quito. Due to this mixture of cultural influences, there are various creative representations in the fields of dance, music, art and crafts evident around the country. Quito also houses two notable museums exhibiting the art of Oswaldo Guayasamín, the greatest painter of Ecuador. This artist became famous for his poignant and powerful portrayal of the injustice and suffering endured by the indigenous population during the conquest of Ecuador. In addition, Quito is widely known for its annual music festivals dedicated to contemporary and traditional dance and music, jazz and much more.

Besides the historical center of colonial Quito, you can explore its other sectors including the new, modern and cosmopolitan areas, full of a multitude of activities and interests for students and tourists. In these sectors, you can find many restaurants serving both a variety of dishes from around the world as well as the most famous plates of the local cuisine. You may also enjoy the amenities found in the modern shopping malls or pass through the local street markets that sell traditional products and foods.


Studying Spanish in Quito offers a fascinating and unforgettable experience. The Spanish spoken in Quito is generally known as the clearest and most well spoken of the South American countries. For this reason, students find adapting and learning the language to be greatly facilitated. Join one of our “Study and Travel” programs designed to incorporate language lessons while exploring the history and culture of Ecuador. Some places worth visiting include:


• Museum “Intiñan” in Ecuador (Middle of the World) and the crater of Pululahua

• Place of Independence and the “Carondelet”, the Presidential Palace

• The churches of La Merced, La Compañia, San Francisco

• Santo Domingo Place and Church

• Central Bank Museum

• The Basilica

• Museum “Guayasamín” and “Capilla del Hombre”

• The botanical garden and nursery in the Carolina Park

• City Museum

• Historical Museum Mindalae Ethno

• Museum Casa del Alabado (House of Praise)

• Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture)

• “Virgen de Quito” (Virgin of Quito), with spectacular views over the city

• Indian handcrafts and local food markets

• Village and Church Guápulo

• The Galapagos Islands



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