Are the responsibilities at home keeping you from volunteering abroad? Do you feel the desire to help those in a different country but do not have the time to leave? If so, our “Educate A Child” program can be the perfect solution for you! This program focuses on the sponsorship of children in need. With a minimum one year commitment, you can drastically alter the direction of a child´s life by funding their education and providing for their basic necessities. Follow the link to meet children who need your help!

How can you be sure that your money is being invested in your child? World of Volunteering will ensure your money is being spent in a beneficial manner by sending you monthly updates on the status of your child as well as a breakdown of how your money is being distributed.

How will your donation be used? Your donation is directly used to provide for these children´s basic necessities such as: nourishment, education, clothing, and health and hygiene services.


Our Office In Germany

Mobile: 0044.915.256.197.517

Munich Germany


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