Salsa Lessons



The salsa is a mixture of Afro Cuban movements originated from the rhythms of Mambo, Danzon, Cha cha cha, guaracha, guaguancó, etc.


In the 50s, the charanga (musical training) becomes the main musical export product from Cuba to New York, and this is where they begin to incorporate traditional instruments such as trombones, trumpets and saxophone.


The salsa definitely becomes the most popular last dance that has caused sensation not only in America but also in countries as Europe, Asia and America.


The Salsa (dance) can be danced in a fun way, as Cuban casino wheel or even learn the style of Puerto Rico, New York style, Los Angeles style, law style, among many others.


Now the dance that is also being enjoyed by a lot of people is the Bachata, a latin sensual dance.


The salsa in the styles mentioned and bachata, can be learned in our destination cities, just make your reservation with us and we will send you the description of the course and the classes fees.

Come have fun and go back to your country talking and dancing like a latin more.



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