Name of the project: Projects in agriculture, reforestation, community development, and rehabilitation of native environment in the highlands of island San Cristobal, in the Galapagos


Location: Isla San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands



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Project Description: Hacienda Tranquila is a 50 hectare working dairy ranch and eco-tourism project in the highlands of Isla San Cristobal, where there is still native vegetation.  One of the objectives of this new station will be to develop the technology to reconstruct native habitat in the highlands, and to serve as a centre for similar projects in the Galapagos chain. The remaining native highland forests on the populated islands are quite limited due to farming activities in general, and the introduction of useful, but very invasive, species from the mainland. Rare for the Galapagos, the focus of their work is on the human population and environment of the islands, as opposed to the wildlife. With this in mind Hacienda Tranquila aims to carry our projects that, in a sustainable manner, improve the quality of life of the islands inhabitants.


Range of volunteer tasks: There are a range of volunteer tasks to be carried out at Hacienda Tranquila, either in the area of environment and reforestation, community development and education, or therapy for disabled children.

• Volunteers with interest in environmental preservation can work to reverse the negative effects of invasive or introduced species, restoring the native and endemic forests of San Cristobal.  Volunteers work in a controlled plot of land to eliminate introduced/ invasive plant species and to restore native and endemic species, growing the plants first in a greenhouse, and then transplanting them to their permanent locations.

• Once a month volunteers work with the Instituto Nacional del Niño y la Familia (INNFA) to promote environmental conservation among young children from the island as well as motivate community members to plant local, rather than introduced vegetation.

• Volunteers also with the15 local highlander families in the areas of: livestock and horse care; milking and milk delivery; wild blackberry control; fence maintenance; seedling and plant care; tree planting.

• 2 times per week, volunteers work with disabled children through horseback riding therapy.  No prior experience in physiotherapy is needed.


Minimum amount of time: 1 week minimum, 12 weeks maximum


Level of Spanish required: Basic. The staff at Hacienda Tranquila speak English.  Having conversational Spanish does help when interacting with the children and community members.


Schedule: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.- 12 and 2:30- 5:00 p.m. Volunteers are free to explore the port town and discover the island’s many tourist attractions on the weekends.


Costs and Accommodation: Volunteers live in multi-person rooms at the hacienda itself, where there is a full kitchen, bathroom and shower with hot water. Volunteers are responsible for cooking their own meals and are also responsible for cleaning the house.

Prices vary by length of stay.  Contact Yanapuma for more details.

Volunteers must cover their own park entrance fee which is $100 as well as flights to the Galapagos Islands.  Please note these costs are in addition to the Yanapuma registration fee and transportation costs.



• Transportation from the airport of Quito

• Introductory tour

• Welcome dinner

• 20 hours of Spanish lessons

• Transportation to the project after class

• Transportation back to Cusco

• Accommodation in a shared apartment (Family house with bedroom, it is possible to have three meals a day for a fee of 30 euros / week during the course).

• Accommodation in a carefully selected bedroom

• Salsa lessons, cooking lessons, games during the Spanish lessons (once a week)

• Games during the language course

• Teaching materials for the course

• Support / contact person in the project

• Emergency number of the local teams are available 24 hours to 24 hours

• The support of our local staff

• A T-shirt from our organization

• The support of our coordinators of our, in advance experimented, programs during and after your trip

• Certificate of your participation in the project

• Certificate of your Spanish course

• A ride on horseback or rafting

• Administration costs

• School activities every weekend (extra charge)







• National and international flights

• Travel insurance

• Vaccinations

• Personal expenses for leisure

• Tickets to tourist sites







4 weeks

(Incl. spanish lessons one week)


8 weeks

(Incl. spanish lessons four weeks)


Extra week Spanish lessons

Extra week accommodation

  USD 1,816

  USD 2,229

  USD 229

  USD 190



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