Gorritas Azules



Name of the project: Working with adults with mental disabilities



Location: Northern Quito



Not Included


Project description: Fundacion Gorritas Azules was started over 20 years ago by a group of parents with children with disabilities. It now serves as a place where these adults ages 15-50 years old can go to learn, receive physical therapy, have workshops and be cared for. There are

currently 24 students, all with severe mental and/or physical disabilities. The center only has 2 professional physical therapists and 3 helpers—although the physical therapists only work in the mornings. The center runs from 9am to 4pm, and is funded solely by the parents of the

students and thus is lacking in funding of many projects they would like to carry out (one being able to have overnight students who live in the center during the week).


Range of volunteer tasks: Volunteers are really needed in this center and school because although there are not that many students, each one has a severe disability and needs a lot of personal attention. Therefore, the volunteers would help in a classroom with the physical therapist or teacher helper—tasks would include playing with the students, reading to them, taking them outside, helping to feed them, teaching them skills and providing overall support in the classroom.


Minimum amount of time: One month is definitely preferred but they will receive volunteers for minimum 2 weeks.


Minimum level of Spanish required: High basic to intermediate.


Schedule: The school is open from 9am-4pm. In the mornings there are specific classes that are taught, but they would prefer people in the

afternoons because there are only 3 helpers after 1pm (the physical therapists only work in the mornings) and that is when they need the

most help from volunteers.


Other skills required: As stated before, there are 24 students but each with a severe disability so one must be prepared to work with this

population and be very caring and patient when volunteering.



• Transportation from the airport of Quito

• Introductory tour

• Welcome dinner

• 20 hours of Spanish lessons

• Transportation to the project after class

• Transportation back to Cusco

• Accommodation in a shared apartment (Family house with bedroom, it is possible to have three meals a day for a fee of 30 euros / week during the course).

• Accommodation in a carefully selected bedroom

• Salsa lessons, cooking lessons, games during the Spanish lessons (once a week)

• Games during the language course

• Teaching materials for the course

• Support / contact person in the project

• Emergency number of the local teams are available 24 hours to 24 hours

• The support of our local staff

• A T-shirt from our organization

• The support of our coordinators of our, in advance experimented, programs during and after your trip

• Certificate of your participation in the project

• Certificate of your Spanish course

• A ride on horseback or rafting

• Administration costs

• School activities every weekend (extra charge)





• National and international flights

• Travel insurance

• Vaccinations

• Personal expenses for leisure

• Tickets to tourist sites





4 weeks

(Incl. spanish lessons one week)


8 weeks

(Incl. spanish lessons four weeks)


Extra week Spanish lessons

Extra week accommodation

  USD 1,019

  USD 1,439

  USD 229

  USD 190



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