Name of the project: Fe Yunca Puncu


Location: Cusco



Not Included


Project Description: Fe Yunca Puncu can be translated as “Faith and Hope Yunca Puncu”. The project is situated in a small village in the Sacred Valley, called Cai Cay. Although about sixty children, from ages four to eighteen years old, are enrolled within in this project, only about thirty-five participate in a given a day.


The project focuses on holistic instruction: cultural, moral and educational principles are taught to the extremely poor children of Cai Cay. The main goal is to provide the children with a solid education to expand their possibilities for a better future. Due to a lack of financial resources, the project cannot afford to hire other professionals and is instead run solely by a director. The volunteers that commit to this project are truly needed and their work highly influential.


Volunteer Responsibilities: There are a wide variety of tasks available in Fe Yunca Punca. In the morning you can assist the teachers in the local nursery school (with children from three to five years old) or in the primary school (six to twelve years old). Responsibilities would include playing with the kids or creating enjoyable, educative activities. You can also help teachers in the secondary school (twelve to seventeen years old) by teaching English several days a week. In the afternoon you have the option to work with the children that come to the project.

The Fe Yunca Punca Project is organized into three age units. The youngest children (four to seven years old) along with the children ages seven to ten years old arrive at the project from 3 pm and stay until 4 pm. During this period, you can play with the children by initiating one of your own activities or doing sports such as volleyball or football. You can also teach the seven to ten year old group basic English using games. From 4 until 5 pm, the group of older kids (ten to eighteen year olds) will arrive at the project.  English is the primary subject most volunteers choose to teach and usually find the children very receptive towards their lessons. Several teaching styles can be applied to accommodate the differences in how each group of children learn.

Fe Yunca Punca is a busy project and therefore requires an active volunteer. It can be difficult to work with children who don’t attend the project regularly or easily forget what they have been taught. Therefore you need to be flexible and patient. Previous experience, although not required, may facilitate working with children in this project.


Minimum Stay Required: 3 weeks


Volunteers Needed:

• Teachers

• Social workers

• Volunteers without specific studies


Required Level of Spanish: Basic


Typical Workday Hours: 9am-12pm or 3pm-6pm



Due to the scarcity of qualified personnel, this project is heavily dependent on its volunteers. It is important to be proactive and to work independently during your stay. Most volunteers are encouraged to develop their own projects and teaching methods. If you would like to organize extra activities, you may be required to purchase your own material in Cusco because it will be difficult to obtain in Cai Cay.



• Transportation from Cusco to Cai Cay

• Introductory tour

• Welcome dinner

• 20 hours of Spanish lessons

• Accommodation in Volunteer House with private room

• Three daily meals (provided you are working in the project)

• Salsa lessons, cooking lessons, games nights (once a week)

• Horseback riding or white water rafting excursions

• Teaching materials for the course

• Support / contact person in the project

• Emergency contact available 24 hours a day

• The support of our local staff and coordinators

• A T-shirt from our organization

• Certificate of your participation in the project

• Certificate of your Spanish level after classes

• Administration costs



• Airfare

• Travel Insurance

• Vaccinations

• Personal Expenses

• Tickets to tourist sites


Option: If you would like our organization to arrange your flight from Lima to Cusco and an overnight stay in a hotel in Lima, the extra cost will amount to 327 dollars.





4 weeks

(Incl. spanish lessons one week)


8 weeks

(Incl. spanish lessons four weeks)


Extra week Spanish lessons

Extra week accommodation

  USD 1,019

  USD 1,414

  USD 229

  USD 190



If you would like our organization to arrange your flight from Lima to Cusco and an overnight stay in a hotel in Lima, the extra cost will amount to 327 dollars.


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