• 1. WHO ARE WE?

    World of Volunteering is a nonprofit organization specialized in designing projects which incorporate Spanish lessons, volunteer work, experiential tourism and special trips. Join us for an unforgettable experience where you’ll learn Spanish while volunteering in orphanages, medical clinics, infant schools, rehabilitation centers, travel agencies as well as various other places. Choose between our volunteer-shared apartment accommodations or gain a true cultural experience living in a local home stay.

    Our goal is that your experience will incorporate a cultural exchange in combination with social assistance. We offer an opportunity to learn more about other countries while sharing your own experiences with the people that contribute to each unique culture. We invite you to become a part of our organization and use your personal talents and knowledge to reach those in need!


    World of Volunteering´s main goal is the complete security, enjoyment, advancement, and success of our volunteers within their destinations. Our organization provides 24 hour support for all volunteers from pre-departure until return to their own countries. Each of our in country coordinators live and work within our destinations and have an extensive knowledge of the culture. They can answer any questions or advise on any concerns you may have within your destination. Lastly, our organization prides itself on placing the needs of our volunteers as our utmost priority. For this reason, World of Volunteering will act as a liaison between your projects and homestays as well as personally book all excursions for you- taking any problem out your hands and ensuring a stress-free stay.


    Our prices are lower than those of our competition due to the fact we are a locally run organization. Having our headquarters within our destination cities allows us to arrange everything from your accommodations, Spanish lessons, volunteer work, and excursions without the use of an intermediate. By personally organizing every detail of your stay, we can successfully cut out middle-man price increases, providing you with the lowest and fairest prices.


    The prices of our programs include Spanish lessons, accommodations, and any excursions you wish to participate in. Our organization wishes to encourage others to volunteer in different countries and therefore, does not charge for volunteering. Doing volunteer work with us is totally free! If, however, you would like to leave a monetary donation or bring supplies and materials with you, our in country coordinators are fully equipped and prepared to advise you on how to make the most of your gift.


    A Relatable Team: World of Volunteering´s coordinators have all previously been volunteers themselves in places around the world. With the knowledge that comes from these experiences, they know specifically what is required of a volunteer as well as the struggles that may arise while living in a different country. Their extensive knowledge of the destinations they work in include how to best support and advise new volunteers on dealing with cultural adaptations, promptly answer any doubts or concerns, as well as introduce volunteers to the unique wonders each destination has to offer. We guarantee that our coordinators are both fully reliable and equipped to handle any predicament you may encounter.

  • 6. MISSION

    As an international nonprofit organization, World of Volunteering´s main mission is to promote cross cultural understanding through building relationships. Our goal is to foster reciprocal aid, understanding, and respect for people of all nations, cultures, and backgrounds. We believe volunteering is one of the most effective methods of experiencing a culture directly. Through volunteer work, you can develop a complete understanding of a culture´s needs as well as expand your own mindset to encompass the thoughts and opinions of others. A cultural immersion opportunity such as this will enrich both your life and the lives you influence throughout your stay. Come experience the world with us.


Our Office In Germany

Mobile: 0044.915.256.197.517

Munich Germany

Email: info@worldofvolunteering.com

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